Is there such thing as Sustainable Coffee? (and it’s not just about being Organic)

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Does Organic Coffee really even matter? - The Urban Ecolife

Confession time. I’m a caffeine addict. Whoa Emily… starting it off heavy.


I’ve been this way since who knows how long. Probably when my Dad bought his first espresso machine back when I was fresh out of high school. I figure I could have worse addictions because at least this one brings with it some health benefits (but I won’t delude myself into believing that there aren’t plenty of downsides as well). There’s something about the morning ritual, the social experience and the indulgence of splurging ridiculous amounts of money on just one cup of coffee at a nice cafe (in Australia at least) that does more for me than simply the caffeine hit. Something I’m sure other addicts can agree with me on. Of course, I’m not swigging the cup of Joe like water (depending on the day) and I do try to keep it in moderation, but being in Guatemala, where organic and sustainable coffee appears to be the norm and costs little more than a bottle of water, I can’t help but down a few cups here and there. Seriously, this stuff is good.


Jazzed Up Spiced Roasted Root Vegetables

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Spiced Roasted Root Vegetables - The Urban Ecolife

Vegetables are the core of my diet. Yeah, go figure. I eat a heck of a lot of them, more so than probably most people I know. My favourite way of preparing vegetables would have to be roasted, doused with ghee or coconut oil, and with copious amounts of salt, spices or herbs sprinkled on top. THE BEST. Gone are the day or boring steamed vegetables. Ok, I’ll admit. Some days I really do just crave good ol’ steamed vegetables. Trust me on this though; you need to jump on the roasted root vegetables bandwagon if you haven’t already.


The Homesteading Life in Guatemala

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The Homesteading Life in Guatemala - The Urban Ecolife

It’s been touted from the rooftops that reverting back to the simple, homesteading lives of our forefathers is the way of the future. Well, at least for those of us seeking a low-impact, healthy, abundant and sustainable way of life


So what have we to learn from those who live out this way of life naturally? That is, those traditional cultures that maintain this way of life, even in the midst of an ever globalizing world. Yes indeed, we have much to learn from them.


Next Stop on the Local Eating Trail – The Food in Guatemala

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The Food in Guatemala and Eating Local - The Urban Ecolife

I’ve been in Guatemala now for over 2 weeks and have had plenty of opportunity to sample the local cuisine. The food in Guatemala is most certainly cheap by Western standards. When eating out, a meal need not cost more than a few dollars, depending on where you eat. Off the tourist trail, you will of course, spend far less. As part of my Spanish course at Cooperative School San Pedro, I’ve had the opportunity to stay with a local family. My Guatemalan mother, Maria, loves to cook and so cook she does. From the traditional beans and eggs to fried plantains and yes, plenty of corn tortillas to keep the hunger pangs at bay for days; there’s certainly no shortage of carbs here. Whilst this isn’t a comprehensive list of everything on the menu in regards to Guatemalam food, it will give you a glimpse into what’s on offer. The best part being of course, is that the food for the most part is as local as one can get. The eggs are unquestionable from someone in the village, the corn is grown locally and the vegetables and fruits are available in abundance everywhere. Welcome to the local cuisine of Guatemala!


Gluten-Free Snacks E-Cookbook

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Struggling to find healthy, gluten-free snacks that actually nourish your body and satisfy your appetite?


The “Gluten-Free Snacks” e-cookbook is a community collaboration from some of the best real food bloggers.

 Gluten-Free Snack E-Cookbook


The Health Conscious Backpacker’s Guide to Staying Healthy on The Road

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The Health Conscious Backpacker's Guide to Staying Healthy on The Road - The Urban Ecolife

The last thing a backpacker or travel gypsy wants or needs is to get horrendously sick whilst on the road. Away from the creature comforts of home, without your mum around to make a hearty bowl (or two) of chicken soup and with little access to the foods you’d normally indulge in (or easy access to them), it can really dampen your travel experience.


5 Ingredient, Super Easy Banana Cake That Is Total Gooey Goodness (Gluten, Sugar & Dairy Free)

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 5 Ingredient Banana Cake that's super moist (Gluten, Dairy & Sugar-free) - The Urban Ecolife

Now cut me some slack. When I say 5 ingredients, this excludes the salt and the optional coconut sugar. Got it? Great. Ok. Now we can move on.


50 Gluten-Free Mexican & Central American Recipes!

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50 Gluten-free Mexican & Central American Recipes - Hosted by The Urban Ecolife


Guess what? I’m in Central America!



I’ve been hanging down here since April as part of my life in transition and am totally high on life and tacos right now. Oh so many tacos. I must admit though, as cheap and delicious as they come, I do miss some good ol’ home-cooked vegetables. Dearest vegetables, oh how I crave you. But yes, the food is quite amazing and readily available on every street corner in all shapes, sizes and for all price ranges. Whilst I try and keep my sanity eating as local and natural as possible and opt for gluten-free Mexican and Central American dishes (for the most part), there are always going to be exceptions.